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Motivation 101

This course has been constructed to give the basic structure and organization to finding more passion and motivation in life. This course will help the MorningCoach student find the energy and vigor to take on their dreams.

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Freedom 101

This course has been structured for the MorningCoach student who is having trouble letting go, or gaining freedom in life. This course will take the student through understanding emotional freedom to also limiting beliefs. This course will also touch on creating massive value to create financial freedom.

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Wealth 101

This course has been constructed to give the basic structure and organization to gaining wealth. It fits in the MorningCoach curriculum for anyone struggling with financial issues, or who is finally looking forward to getting organized and out of debt.

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Coming Soon: Spiritual Book Study


This is what our members have to say

Been using the morning coach podcasts for about 3 months now, just as a means of motivating myself to get out of the rut my life has become. So far I have managed to join a CrossFit box, and have changed my lifestyle in terms of health and weight. Soon, I will have the means to walk away from the destructive relationship I am in and start my life over. Without the podcasts reminding me to take action, this process would never have got started!!

Katherine MorningCoach Member

I have been listening to JB on MC since early 2007, and while I didn't have full left brain buy-in at the time, I kept listening and tried to improve just 1% a day as was suggested. Let me tell you, fast forward 6 years and I am completely and utterly sold on this system. While life keeps on being life, by following a few simple ideas, consistently repeated and supported with facts, my reaction TO and improvement IN all areas of my life is staggering! Look forward to all the gifts/challenges life has in store and building upon the faith that I have found here! Keep up the awesome work!!

Todd MorningCoach Member

I've been with Morning Coach for a couple of years now, and it's provided me with an awesome boost on my way to work and has really helped keep me focused on my own personal goals and dreams. Even when I was made redundant, Morning Coach has helped me realise the opportunity within this change of events, so much so even my friends and family are amazed I'm so upbeat about the situation. The vast range of topics JB discusses are a joy to listen to every morning

Ken MorningCoach Member

I have been a member of Morning Coach from the start, I love the daily inspiration and motivation that I receive from JB each morning. We have some amazing people in the MC family with a wealth of knowledge and we keep each other motivated and on track to work and improve on our goals 1% a day. the ROI that you receive from MC is amazing and the more you put in the more you receive back, that in my world is win win. JB you inspire, encourage and you rock.

Sheila MorningCoach Member

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